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À la carte Bistro De Brustele

Are you allergic to certain ingredients? Do inform us !
Cross-contamination is not 100 % excluded in our kitchen.

Vegetarian dishes are always available.

To insure a smooth service we kindly ask to restrict to a small number of dishes when you are more than 5 persons.  Kindly choose only 1 menu per group when you are more than 10 persons.

À la carte "Bistro De Brustele"

from 11 January 2020


House smoked Scottish salmon, hand sliced

Shrimp cocktail

Lobster cocktail

Scampi "Franky" (Pernod, garlic, lobster sauce)

1/2 Lobster "Belle-Vue" 

Home made cheese croquettes (VEGE) - fried parsley - lemon 

Home made shrimp croquettes - fried parsley - lemon 

Duo homemade cheese & shrimp croquettes 

Tomate crevettes (1 tomato with shrimps)

Vitello tonato (veal - tuna)

Fresh soup of today with bread 

Goose liver terrine - toast 

Baked goose liver - apple


Caesar salad (chicken - parmesan - anchovy)

Greek salad with feta (feta - tomato - rucola - olives - red onion)

Waldorf salad (with raisins, walnuts, celeriac)

Niçoise salad (with tuna, olives, beans) 

Tomate crevettes (2 tomates with shrimps)

All our starters and salads are served with bread

For the little ones (up to 12 years)

Mini burger with French fries

Chicken schnitzel with apple mousseline and French fries

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Main courses

Cod – balsamicomousseline – winter vegetables

North Sea sole - salad - French fries

Scampi "Franky" - spring potatoes 

Half a lobster - young potatoes 

Steak tartare (raw prepared minced meat) - French fries - salad 

Lamb - port - garlic - young potatoes

Black Angus - pepper sauce - salad - French fries 

Sweetbread - winter vegetables - béarnaise - new potatoes

Irish Beef fillet - salad - French fries - béarnaise 

All dishes are served with  autumn vegetables and croquettes



Dame Blanche with hot chocolate sauce 

Tarte Tatin (warm apple pie) with vanilla ice cream 

Crème brulée with vanilla from Madagascar 

Chocolate moelleux with vanilla ice cream 

Belgian cheese selection 

Chocolate mousse

Fresh fruit salade

Waffle from Brussels with cream & icing sugar


Pancakes with an assortment of sweets 

Pancakes with vanilla ice cream 

Pancakes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce 


Vanilla ice cream nature / mocha ice cream 

Café Liégeois (Mocha ice cream - coffee - Dutch gin) 

Banana split 

Eggnog - ice cream - meringue 

Brasil Tropical (brésilienne nuts - rum raisins - ice cream)


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